Stamp Duty (Remission) Order 2016 印花税豁免指令2016在2017年1月1日生效

Stamp Duty Remission Order 2016- by Jodie Tan

Stamp Duty - English - Page 1Stamp Duty - English - Page 2Stamp Duty - English - Page 3.pngStamp Duty - English - Page 4.png

Stamp Duty Remission Order 2016- by Jodie Tan

Stamp Duty - Mandarin - Page 1Stamp Duty - Mandarin - Page 3Stamp Duty - Mandarin - Page 2Stamp Duty - Mandarin - Page 4印花税(华语版)


Solicitors Remuneration (Amendment) Order 2017 – Scale of Fees on Financing Documents and Sale / Transfer (Legal fees payable to Legal Firm) 买卖合约/贷款合约律师费 (二手房地产或转让文件)

Solicitors Remenuration (Amendment) Order 2017SRO 1.pngSRO 2.pngSRO 3.pngSRO 4.png

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Stamp Duty (Memorandum of Transfer and Loan Agreement) – Stamp Act 1949 – for normal case without remission


In addition to Legal Fees, a buyer will also need to pay ad valorem stamp duty on the property transfer:


Consideration or Adjudicated Value Ad-Valorem Stamp Duty
First RM100,000.00 1%
Next RM400,000.00 2%
Thereafter 3%

Stamp Duty Calculator

For example:

If the property price is RM550,000.00, the calculation is:
First RM100,000.00 @ 1% RM   1,000
Next RM400,000.00 @ 2% RM   8,000
Next RM50,000.00 @ 3% RM   1,500
Total Stamp Duty Payable

For Loan Agreement

Loan Amount x  0.5 %